Live & Silent Auction donations

MenAlive holds a live auction at our annual fundraiser gala and silent auctions in conjunction with our concerts each season. These auctions are among the highest revenue sources for MenAlive, allowing us to continue in our mission of entertaining, educating, and building bridges between communities. Last season, we raised over $20,000 from our Live & Silent Auction Program.

All items at the auctions are generously donated by patrons such as you. Past donations have ranged in goods and services -- from bottles of wine to airline tickets, to a week-long stay at a bed and breakfast in Hawaii, and even a collectible Faberge egg. Can you donate tours of someplace interesting?  Lunch with a celebrity you know? How about goods or services from your business or a place you patronize regularly.  You probably have more contacts or options than you know.

Making a donation to our live & silent auctions is appreciated by us and rewarding to you. Your contribution to the Chorus and the community at large is visible at the auction and acknowledged in our program. The value of your contribution may be tax-deductible under Section 170 of the IRS code as MenAlive operates under 501c(3) non-profit status.

We are always accepting items and services for use in our live and silent auctions.  Please fill out the contribution form and contact us to make arrangements to include your donation in our next auction fundraiser.  Thank you for supporting us in this way!


Auction Donation Agreement

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Donation Agreement must be received three weeks before a concert to be included in the concert program and two weeks before the concert to be included in the Silent Auction itself due to processing and preparation requirements. Thank you for understanding. The undersigned hereby agrees to the donation in all perpetuity of the item(s) listed above and hereby acknowledges forfeiture of rights and claims of ownership of the item(s) listed above. All claims of ownership or consignment of aforementioned item(s) are disregarded and will not be held valid. The undersigned hereby agrees that the item(s) listed are now the property of MenAlive – OC Gay Men’s Chorus and he/she is not entitled to any monetary claim in the event of sale of the item(s) listed above.