Through music, men's voices unite to entertain, inform, bring healing, joy, friendship, and build bridges to the public at large.

Our history

In the early 1990s, Rich Cook attended a performance of the Turtle Creek Chorale, a prominent gay men's chorus from Dallas, Texas. Inspired by the performance, he began thinking about the need for a similar chorus in Orange County.

Over the years, Rich often returned to the idea but the timing never seemed right. Then in the summer of 2001, he went to a concert of the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles. Sitting in the audience, he again thought about the need for a gay chorus in Orange County. He felt the time had come to nurture and share his vision with others.

Enlisting the help of friends and reaching out to AIDS Services Foundation Orange County (ASF) for support, Rich began turning his vision into reality. With ASF helping greatly in the initial stages helping publicize the nascent chorus, Rich posted notices around Orange County announcing auditions in September. Then he crossed his fingers and hoped the singers would come.

"I made an agreement with myself: if you have 12 guys, go ahead," Rich recalled. On that first rehearsal night in early September, 13 men came and joined the chorus. MenAlive - The Orange County Gay Men's Chorus was born.

bob gunn - artistic director

Our current Artistic Director, Bob Gunn was selected by a search committee in 2014 to succeed Rich Cook.  Bob is a founding member of MenAlive, and served as Assistant Director since early 2002. A professional musician with more than 25 years of experience, Bob holds a Bachelors Degree in Piano Performance, Music Theory and Education from Azusa Pacific University.

Bob's comprehensive musical career includes experience as pianist, keyboardist, singer, producer, conductor, arranger, orchestrator and recording artist. After graduating college, Bob spent years on the road performing with several rock groups. Today, Bob and his partner reside in Aliso Viejo.

Our founders


In 2001, they caught the vision, believed in the dream, and through faith and generosity, gave birth to MenAlive, Orange County Gay Men's Chorus. We thank our Founders sincerely.

Al Roberts & Ken Jillson • Bart Charles • Beverly Jackson • Bill LaPointe • Bob Metcalf & Dave Skousen • Bobby Arrington • Rev. Cannon Albert Ogle • Cary Heaton & Todd Kellogg • Dante Ramentilla • David Hanson • David Lee Abrams & Charles J. Eckhart • David Sanford & Steve Dotoratos • Dominic Bosco & Jack Reising • Dr. Edward Jang & Andrew Phillips • Eric Schindler • François Leclair • Fred Wood • G.C. "Brad" Brafford • Gary & Loretta Graham • Gordon Jones • Hal Binder D.D.S. & Orson Dee M.D. • Jack Middleton • James Smith • Joe Hodulik • Joe Walker • Joe Herzer & Alford Harrison • John Damron • John Holcombe • Julian Lai & Warren Wolfe • Kathy Blank • Ken Selig • Larry Gil & Bill Milham • Mark Jacobi • Mark Serrurier • Mark Vonderhaar • Dr. Max Schneider & Ronald Smelt • Michael Piering • Paul Blank • Paul Findlay & Doug Ward • Perry LaMont • Priscilla Kraetzer, Esq. & David Casey, Esq. • Ray Landicho • Rich Cook & Chris Macaluso • Rich Johnson • Richard Fiock • Dr. Roger Townsend • Scott Sackin & Philip Talbert • Sheldon Harte • Steve Earley • Steve Heckman • Stewart Hall & Gary Helton • Tad Acker & Richard Sneed • Ty Rose • Will Botsman • William E. Callahan Jr., M.D.

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